Well-rounded thinking

Published 06 June 2016

Until recently, square and rectangular explosion venting has been the norm in storing products prone to deflagration, but one US team has developed a round hybrid model for bulk-storage domes at two biomass companies in 2016. Dome Technology pioneers round explosion vents as a custom, stronger alternative to traditional square and rectangular vents. By Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA.

As they are truss-and support free, storage domes offer benefits in terms of explosion prevention

Traditional square or rectangular explosion vents in storage domes present issues in terms of strength and stress resistance. “No matter what system, you are creating a weak spot with panels, whether it is a premanufactured rectangular panel or a metal cladding piece. This is a round panel, which in a dome is nice because you do not get sharp corners for stress concentrators,” says Dome Technology engineer, Adam Aagard.

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