Developing AF in Egypt

Published 16 November 2016

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With the increasing scarcity of natural gas and the hike in gas prices, Egypt’s cement producers are seeking alternative ways of firing their kilns. The availability of MSW and agricultural waste provides a good foundation, but several challenges need to be overcome. By MVW Lechtenberg, Germany.

The need for waste management and the development of its related infrastructure provides Egypt's

cement industry with an opportunity to support society

Cement consumption in Egypt reached 53.9Mt in 2015, up by 5.1 per cent from the previous year. This is the highest increase in three years and demand was mainly driven by national projects, including new roads, infrastructure and housing.

However, due to the political changes of the last few years, Egypt faces a challenge in its energy policy. As one of its most energy-intensive industries, the cement sector in particular needs to adapt its overall energy use. With the availability of fossil fuels declining and their costs rising, the industry is increasingly considering the use of alternative fuels (AFs) and ways to improve its energy efficiency.

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