New opportunities for Europe

Published 07 October 2019

Dr Michael Clark looks at how the EU ETS is expected to change the face of European clinker manufacture. With the price of carbon credits rising, it could become more economically viable to import clinker and grind it upon arrival in Europe through the use of smaller grinding facilities. By Dr Michael Clark, UK.

Cem’In’EU’s new facility in Tonneins, southwest France, is an example of the

new wave of clinker-importing grinding units expected to arrive

The summer of 2019 has seen Dr Clark become very busy getting to know the cement industries and markets of north Africa and southern Europe. There can be no doubt that these are momentous times in both regions and that major change is underway. Politics in Europe has created a major arbitrage opportunity and some are already taking advantage. As a result, the shape and structure of cement manufacture is changing and this is only likely to accelerate.

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