Durable dampers

Published 07 February 2022

To guarantee the regular operation of a tertiary air duct (TAD) system, importance should be placed on damper performance. Topnewer’s prefabricated damper with a framework made of non-metal ceramics has been developed to extend lifetime when meeting demanding wear resistance performance requirements and high temperatures. By Topnewer International Technology Co Ltd, China.

Topnewer’s damper made of non-metal ceramics is designed to extend damper lifetime

Tertiary air duct (TAD) systems serve to connect the cement kiln and calciner. They boost the combustion of pulverised coal in the calciner. The TAD damper plays an important role in a TAD system in terms of regulating ventilation, which in turn determines the working efficiency of the calciner and kiln air flow. These factors closely affect cement quality and productivity. Therefore, to guarantee regular operations of a cement kiln system, importance should be placed on TAD damper performance.

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