The low-carbon cement bet

Published 10 May 2022

Cementos Argos has developed a low-carbon cement using alkaline activation technology to formulate hybrid cements. This type of green cement allows the increased use of supplementary cementitious materials activated with additives which significantly reduces the clinker content and, therefore, CO2 emissions. By MF Díaz-Burbano, Cementos Argos, Colombia.

To activate the SCM correctly, additives are fed into

the process using an accurate dosage system

Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) are natural mineral sources such as calcined clays and volcanic rocks1 or industry byproducts such as vitreous blastfurnace slags and fly ash.2 Low-carbon cements are a development priority for Cementos Argos as the company seeks to minimise the clinker content of cement and hence, reduce CO2 emissions. By using alkaline activation technology with additives, the company has been able to increase the use of SCMs like slags, fly ash and natural pozzolans, which allows for significant reductions in clinker.

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