A new era for carbon capture

Published 04 April 2023

Tagged Under: carbon capture CCUS CarbonClean 

Innovation in industrial carbon capture offers the cement sector a solution to its decarbonisation challenges. Aniruddha Sharma, chair and CEO of Carbon Clean, provides an update from the frontline of industrial carbon capture. By Aniruddha Sharma, Carbon Clean, UK.

Carbon Clean is standardising the designs of its modular

CycloneCC carbon capture technology, resulting in a lower

overall capital cost (©Carbon Clean)

The decarbonisation of heavy industries is a top priority for industrial economies globally, as they strive to deliver on net zero targets and the Paris Agreement. The cement industry is among these, accounting for around seven per cent of global CO2 emissions and with demand for cement expected to rise by 12-23 per cent by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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