ML/AI-based maintenance to enhance energy efficiency

Published 14 February 2024

Recently, CemAI representatives were invited to present to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® division on the topic of machine learning/artificial intelligence’s (ML/AI) use in increasing energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR programme was interested in the role that better maintenance and control of processes could play in cement manufacturing performance. By CemAI, USA.

CemAI CEO Scott Ziegler outlined the benefits of machine

learning and artificial intelligence in improving energy

efficiency and plant operations (© EPA ENERGY STAR)

Digitalisation is sweeping the cement industry as manufacturers use production and product quality data to enhance plant operations. Capturing and analysing existing plant data associated with the health of machinery and equipment adds another dimension to the otherwise untapped potential to reduce unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance costs and increase overall equipment effectiveness. More importantly, acting upon analysed data is essential for process, quality and maintenance digitalisation programs to succeed.

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