Successful bypass in Poland

Published 21 December 2011

As part of its overall primary fuel substitution project, Polish cement producer Grupa Ozarów SA, part of the CRH group, planned to increase the use of alternative fuels and consequently, reduce its production costs. This required the installation of a chloride bypass that not only had to meet current pollution legislation and emission limits but also needed to allow for sufficient flexibility for future alternative fuel combustion scenarios. At a time when the financial crisis halted many other projects, Johannes Müllner of A TEC Production & Services GmbH, Austria describes how Ozarów embarked on this important investment at the start of 2010.

Cement Ozarów, formerly known as the Ozarów Group SA, has been active in the building materials market since 1978, offering a wide range of high-quality cements. Its products are known under the trademark, Cement Ozarów.

CRH, Grupa Ozarów and one of the world’s leading companies in cement pyro-processing technology, A TEC Production & Services GmbH joined efforts to adapt the well-proven A TEC Reduchlor® bypass system to allow for the required tight process guarantees and operational flexibility.

The process requirements for the bypass system included the following special features:
• designed for a clinker capacity of 8800tpd with a kiln gas bypass ratio of 10 per cent
• distribution of the bypass gases to both kiln stacks to reduce emissions as much as possible
• efficient two-stage cooling to minimise equipment costs in the core part of the bypass system
• proper working of bypass dust from the bag filter to the storage silo to avoid clogging due to the high hydroscopic nature of the dust
• to adjust the chloride content in the hot meal to ideal operating conditions
• to reach a minimum dust quantity in the clean air emitted from the bypass gas filtration.

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