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What are the different Key performance indicators for a prehomogenisation stage (stacker & Reclaimer)

re Cyclone efficiency.

Thanks Raj and Harald for the Answers. 

re Cyclone efficiency.

Thanks harald for your prompt answer. Now my next question is how do you calculate the efficiency of the remain...

re Cyclone efficiency.

Dear Raj , Can you explain the procedure of drop test and please mention the location /place where this dust lo...

re Cyclone efficiency.

Dear all,  Basically I am interested to know efficiency of preheater cyclone (top and other stages). How the du...

Cyclone efficiency.

How can we measure practically cyclone efficiency ?

Coal Grinding in Air swept mills

We are having an air swept mill for coal grinding. we are getting washed coal in rakes whichis unloaded in the raw...

Increase in cement mill trunnion bearing temperature

What are the causes for an increase of Cement Mill trunnion Bearing temperature and what are the possible solution...

re Cement Mill Puffing

Thanks GKS. I want some more reasons which could lead to puffing and their possible solutions.

Cement Mill Puffing

What are the ways by which we can reduce cement mill puffing(ball Mill)