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raw meal and fine coal moisture

respected seniors. what are the ideal range of moisture in rawmeal and in fine coal. and if we make moisture in...

snow ball formation

respected seniors. how to control snow ball formation in kiln

re Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

plz vikpro send me ur softwares....

re water spray on clinker to reduce FCao

thanks for reply... no we have no clinker temp problem our lab insisting on water spray over clinker as they telli...

cement blaine and media coating

respected seniors...... what are the main reasons of low blaine and coating formation on media.

water spray on clinker to reduce FCao

dear friends can water spray on clinker can help to reduce free lime in cement. if yes then how this water spray o...

re Kiln inlet spillage

dear  friend see any abnormal coating in ur and clinker ball in kiln.. avoid such conditions due to this kiln fill...

Re: primairy secondry cement mill

plz experts give comments.

primairy secondry cement mill

dear experts... we have two cement ball mill(cement millA, cement mill B)  equipped with roller press. our single  c...

shift engineer

what will be the main responsibilties of shift engineer during shift... arman trainee engr.