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id fan motor bearing temp problem

nowadays we facing problem here in id fan motor bearing teperature  its temp increased upto 73degree celcius and id f...


friends... what is the relation of kiln rpm and id fan coupler increasing with kiln feed? means with which ratio we...

Re: sand stone...

thanks to all my friends for reply.....    friends plz tell me  in which case we to become compell  to  increasing SM

sand stone...

friends what is the role of sand stone in cement process?  in which kiln conditions we can  add, reduce or  increase...

roller press hydraulic pressure

friends how much can v keep roller press hydraulic pressure.

Re: ball mill

tanx brother

Re: what is the Max. Nitrogen gas pressure in accumulator for vertical roller mill - hydraulic cylinder

@ENGRs         sir if we exceed or keep low this nitrogen pressure in accumulator then wat will hapend. we have loesc...

Re: combustion air

thanx alot sir......  

combustion air

hello experts... how we can find required combustion air for combustion process in kiln using coal as a fuel. trai...

Re: Air velocity

sir what is the ideal clinker size for cement mill equipped with roller press.