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re Nuclear Power Plant

Someone khow about this, please help me !!!  Thank you so much 

Nuclear Power Plant

Hi everyone ! My country, Vi?t Nam, is being have a Nuclear Power Plant and i am a QA in cement plant so i real...

The cement fineness!!

Hi Ted, In our Plant,  ASTM C150 Cement series were produced. However, the fineness (Blaine) is quite low, i...

Stored Clinker on the Ground

Dear all ! I have a problem about "Mutated allotropic from b-C2S( beta - Belite) to y- C2S (gama- Belite) in lo...

Soil mixing pile

Hi every one now, i have some projects that need to use Soil mixing pile. So, if you have any documents or expe...

re Concrete

Dear Mr Ted,  Thanks so much for your help . 


Hi everyone, I have just begun working in concrete, so my knowlegde about it is rather bad. I don't have much t...

High IR in Puzzolanic and Lst

Hi all At my plant, the IR in Puzzolanic and Lst is rather high (to Puzzolanic > 52%, to Lst > 9%) and i wonder...

The influence of IR

Hi everyone,  I am a new engineer and i do not know the influence of IR in cement. Is it not good for the de...

re use limeston to replace gypsum !!!

Dear Ted!!! Thank you so much for your help !!!