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re High LSF difference between kiln feed and clinker

can you send chemical analysis of all raw materials including the fuel (Ash analysis). where the return dust is ta...

re Cement fineness

increase the mill draft and adjusting Re - circulation fan RPM.(generally increasing RPM)

re cement formula

what is the loss of Pozzolana, Clinker & what is the percentage if gypsum addition & its purity?

re How to optimize the operation of cement mill for improving cement strength?

Hello, Followings are ponts are to be looked after: 1. Is clinker is same for all cement lines? If different...

re Calculation of C3S for pure OPC cement

For calculating C3S in OPC a factor for SO3/Gypsum correction comes into picture. so modified C3S formula for OPC ...

re Grinding Aid

Sir, please send me too at

re Re: Kiln Inlet Coating

Hello Ted, Thanks for your suggestion. As you said, there is no significant increase in the Alkalis and Chlorid...

re Re: Kiln Inlet Coating

Hello Ted, In our case, SO3 in the hot meal has increased from 1.0 to 1.9, but SO3 in clinker is normal. I too ...

re Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

Hello Chari Sir, Pls send me a copy of the book as am madly searching over the internet

re Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

Hello Dear, Can you plz send me the file, as the link posted by you is not respondig