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Re: red spot

Immediately put the MAXIMUM air on the spot. This is general step 1. But cooling zone might be tough... Depends on yo...

Re: Issues with a product made with White Cement

Dear CementUser We produce White Cement. I do not see any reason why SO3 content should be so unstable. Based on ex...

Re: Painting inside cement silo

Dear Gulam Many years ago we even tried that paint in one of our cement silos (made of concrete). There was one big...

Painting inside cement silo

I heard about a special paint which prevents build ups in cement silo. Does anybody have an experience with such? Thx

Re: 42.5 Cement needed (URGENT)

It is pitty, we wanted to sell something. Unfortunately we are not in time...

Re: Kiln Material Bypass

As for us we do have traditional by-pass. It is effective thing. But I think that the way to start is alkali-sulphu...

Re: Maximum kiln potential

According to my formula I have got your maximum as of  7 492.668 t/d Try a bit more. Some 100 t/d is easy with good...

Re: KIln slippage and hot allignment

We consider 1 cm per hour as normalo range.

Re: Thermal Shocks to Burning zone lining due to frequent kiln stoppages.

It is not a matter of permission. It depends on kiln diameter and kiln shell condition

Re: kiln shell heat recovery

Agree with previous post. We achieved kiln shell temperatures at the level 210-270 oC on the magnesia bricks section...