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Re: Kiln shell heat radiation recovery

Never try that!!! I know at least three sorts of installation to utilise that. On my own I saw two ones. Two of thr...

Re: Cement Blain increases

We see the same situation for all cement types produced. At the shipping station it is always 100-300 cm2/g higher th...

Re: kiln speed

Dampers in tertiary air duct is not reliable thing. Conditions are too hard. What is the air velocity in the cooler ...

Re: Cement mill Residue

Decrease production rate ;)

Re: Cement Grinding Aid

With GA utilization we increase mill output on 10%. May be more... With the same quality.

Re: emission values cement industry

Emissions are not related to sort of fuels. Limit depend on fuel composition. I mean if it was only traditional fuel ...

Re: Classified lining was not classified?

May be there are too much small balls in your 2nd chamber?

Re: Ball Charge Determination

Initial charge you can find in literature somewhere. It is not something very special. BUT afterwards you need to con...