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Re: dedusting volume & pressure requirement

Mr xxxx For continuous feeding hopper/bin of limestone a general formula of minimum volume of 3600m3/hr/m2 is taken...

Re: On what basis we operate the PH Fan

I have a basic for Clinker producion  air has nothing to do with the clinker. Coal is required for heat, and heat ...

Re: clinker factor

efficiency of any cyclone will depends upon the particle size and the entry velocity basically. entry velocity will...

Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

I have send it to u but tcl is not receiving it due to higher size, please provide personnel id if any

Re: Coal and Water

sir, the explanation is very much correct.As the coal surface moisture (not rain drinched coal) depends upon the hu...

Re: Ball Size and %

sir please send it to my id

Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

I am having that book, please send me ur id so that I can send it to u chari

Re: seperation efficiency of cyclones

send ur ID

Re: Raw meal to clinker ratio

thank you sir,  I have taken the mass balance of the circuit and found your calculation is perfect to 100%.

Re: It may be use full for all!

thank you sir..