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Re: It may be use full for all!

thank you sir..

Re: Raw meal to clinker ratio

In some kilns the return dust from BF and Gas cooling section directly mixes with the kiln feed ,In that case how to...

BZ position

kilndly send me any empirical formulea for change in BZ position if the burner is changed from its position (back or...

rawmix design

can any body has rawmix design prepared in will be very much helpful to me. my id is

Re: Cement strength was dropped after a few days storage

dear, we have also faced the similar problem. we found that by using chemical gypsum it is happening due to some a...

Re: Ring Formation

ours is a 3m dia kiln, I have observed the ring formation in the kiln when ever our coal consumption increased, i.e...

Re: Heat Balance

sir, i will be very much thankful to u if u can send me complete calculation for kiln,mills for dry process plant. ...

Re: Residue of cement in open circuit mill

we have inspected the mill but no build up, nor the diaphrams broken.The clinker composition is also same .only diffe...

ventury for coal firing (primary coal)

 A 300 tpd kiln having a nozzel of 140mm ,air 4500m3/hrs having a ventury od 250-130-200mm.when coal is fired always ...

Residue of cement in open circuit mill

We have a cement mill,2.4m dia 7.9m length with 3 comp. The residue in 90 microns is always fluctuate from 3 to 7 % f...