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Re: Acid Insoluble Residue

Dear ovancantfort, I Is there any standard procedure to determine it? Regards, Gulam Dastgir

Re: Acid Insoluble Residue

Dear Michael ,  My inquiry is in reference to Rawmix. Sincerely Yours, Gulam Dastgir

Acid Insoluble Residue

Dears, What is Acid Isoluble Residue. How to find this? What is its importance?  Regards, Gulam Das...

Re: Sulphates of alkali

Dear Mr. Raju, This is what the exact case. But i overhear that Na2SO4 is not stable at high temp. and in burn...

Sulphates of alkali

Dear Sir, It is claimed that sulphates of alkali came out from the kiln embedded in clinker. But sod. sulphate...

TPH and Blaine

Dears, Mill TPH and blaine are interrelated as follows - TPH * (Blaine)^1.33 = Constant   I wanna how the expo...

Re: Cement Mill Maintenance Target

Dear Amir, And what should be target for wear and tear in grinding media? Regards, Gulam Dastgir

Re: Bulk density

Dear ovancantfort, Here size does matter. The finer the particles, the more particles will be accommodated leavin...

Re: Bulk density

Dear Mr. Clark, I am sorry that i not substantiate my query thoroughly. In our plant we never mix flyah in 43 G ce...

Re: angle of repose

Dear SIMEQ, What does slope Pct is here. Pl elaboate? Regards Gualm dastgir