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Re: cement strength standard

Dear All,  I am also in search of cement standards prevailing in different countries. Can any one also help me.  ...

Re: transition zone

Dear Ted, That's ok. What i am really interested in is that why it is transition zone. Why is it called transition ...

transition zone

Dear All, Burning zone and calcining zones are literally clear. But what about transition zone. What is " trans...

Re: Cement Standard

Dear Clark, Can you brief how the term " Ordinary" came into vogue.   regards, Gulam Dastgir

Cement Standard

Dear All, I want to know a brief history behind the use of word " Ordinary " in many cement standard. If we co...

Re: Finnes Of meal

Dear Vikpro, I like to enquire why Free CaO will increase when using fine raw meal. Regards, Gulam Dastgir

Re: Alkali and Jamming

Dear Azhar, Yes. That seems logical   Regards,   Gulam Dastgir

Re: Alkali and Jamming

Dear Azhar, I am sorry, but i don't get what you to clarify? What i know is that K2SO4 generally does not ci...

Re: white layer on the surface of clinker in the storage yard

Dear Azhar, In the storage yard your clinker getting hydrolysed, leaving a white layer of Calcium hydroxide on ...

Alkali and Jamming

Dear All, A coating sample, from the severely jammed smoke chamber , was analysed and following prominent results ...