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Bulk density

Dear Sir, Ideally what should be the order of bulk density of PPC, 53G and 43G cement. In our plant we have this a...

Re: Free Lime

Dear Clark, And how to inculcate this loss factor in this method. Regards, Gulam Dastgir

Free Lime

Dears, How to calculate/analyse a moistened clinker for its free lime (CaO), since after absorbing moisture C3S an...

Re: LSF Formula

Dear Lalbatros, This is simple derivation which may be derived how much c needed  to react with any of the three o...

Re: LSF Formula

Dear lalbatros, And what are the Bogue's formula having Alkali and SO3. Kind regards, Gulam Dastgir

LSF Formula

Dear Sir, Can anyone tell me by which calculation the formula for lsf (CaO/(2.8*SiO2+1.18*Al2O3+0.65*Fe2O3) is deri...

Re: Terminology

Dear Sir, What these words literally means about? Regards, Gulam Dastgir


Dear Sir, Why we called C3S alite and C2S belite in cement terminology. Are these names have a significant bearing...