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Inline calciner

Dear Experts, An Inline calciner reduces NOX emission. Why? Regard,   Gulam Dastgir

Re: clinker storage

Dear Ted, Your suggestion is good regarding reduced use of limestone filler with hydrated clinker. This entail...

Refractory Terminology

Dear All, We encounter refractory brick nomenclature like 3k, 4ch, 5ch, IH, IG etc. My interest is that how this te...

Re: clinker storage

Dear Azhar, Anything known as strength of cement is simply because hydration of clinker on the application of cemen...

Re: Pet Coke

Dear Hussaini, Are you in possession of that article. Please mail it me.   Regards,   Gulam Dastgir


Dear, Simply google it and you will find many articles and book on the matter. Regards, Gulam Dastgir

Re: Pet Coke

Dear Michael, I am really sorry if i have unknowingly connote any pejorative remarks through my words. I have...

Pet Coke

Dear Expert, I overhear from technocrats that if we replace coal with pet coke following issues may arise - ...

Re: how can we control XRF if it works reliable, not using calibration samples set

Dear Htck, There is no requirement of calibration if machine is giving results in acceptable range of error. Bu...

Re: Volume of Cement Bed in blaine device

Dear Electron, This is the initial emprically derived weight to start on. But if we are not getting a compact bed w...