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Calcination degree

calciner temp

we have 2 identical precalciner kilns, in one of them the calciner temp is higher than the cyclone 5 top temp by a...

Re: Formation of coating in the kiln

if there is a flactuations in silica ratio and alumina ratio so its normal to have a fallen down coat. so you shoul...

Re: high free lime

i decreased the sieve target and it affected the free lime.  

Re: high free lime

thank you and i think it's realy related to the high sieve of the raw meal.

high free lime

we are facing a problem with high free lime although the lsf is quite low 94-95 in clinker and the kiln is hot enough.

Re: bypass ratio

thanks for your reply. regards  

bypass ratio

I need to know why bypass ratio decrease when the oxygen in the kiln inlet increases and vise verse.

Re: vertical mill

the mill is filled and DP is going to be very high in short time, and the layer thickness decrease so we can't feed t...

vertical mill

we have atox mill and when the most of feed is fine material diff. pressure increase rapidly and the layer thickness ...