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This web site is useful for Cement Experts

Dear all, I think, this web site is usefull for all Cement Experts under the Globe to find an better opportunity.  ...

Re: flame length and kiln shell temp

Dear sir, The length of the flame in general will be 2.5 - 3 times of kiln Diameter. B y increasingthe air pressure...

Fly Ash Mix with Raw Meal

Dear experts, Recently we are planning to use fly Ash in Raw Mill Product at Product Airslide before going to CF Si...


Dear sir,   Please send me for the following mail ID:                  bandarikomar@yahoo.co.in 

Re: How to calculate the no. of Bricks per ring

Dear sir, Thank you for your giving an spreadsheet. it is good . with BK   

How to calculate the no. of Bricks per ring

Dear all, Please can anybody tell me the "Number of Bricks/Ring calculation formula" for 4.5 M Dia and 75 M length ...

Re: Why surges are occured in PH Stages ?

Dear sir,   We checked every stage and we could not find any problem and KF system is also very good. why it was h...

Why surges are occured in PH Stages ?

Dear Experts,   We having 4800 tpd plant ( Polysius) with 5 stages PH and frequently we are getting Surges ( Tempe...

What is the Design Criteria for PH

Dear all,   Please clarify, what is the main criteria to design PH stages like 4 stages...5 stages,... 6 stages,.....

Effects of Excess Primary Air in Kiln Operation

Dear all,   If we increased PA in the system at Kiln and PC, what effects will be occured in kiln operation. Plea...