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Ball sorting.

Dear Sir! Please help me with drawings and principle of ball sorting machine for cement grinding. Regards. ...

re the carbonation oh hot meal

Dear Mr Ted, Could you help me solving this problem. Thank you too much Best regards, HongMinh.

the carbonation oh hot meal

Dear exprerts! My kiln 4000t/d with preheater 5 stages, seperator calciner of Polysius. The carbonation of hot ...

re Clinker compressive strength

Dear sirs, Thank you for your help. Please help me how to adjust for raw mix (LSF, Ma, Ms) to increase the c...

Clinker compressive strength

Dear experts, please help me how to increase Clinker compressive strength (R28 days) from 55 Mpa to 60 Mpa. ...

kiln movement

Dear expert, Pls show for me what are the factors which can be influenced on the kiln movement (uphill and down...

Re: Excess O2 & Boulder Formation

dear emadissa, Follow my experience in kiln operation, your kiln feed has high SR it cause dusty clinker. Regards,...


Dear sir, please send me the excel sheet in my id hongminhscc@yahoo.com.vn Thank inadvance, HongMinh.

Re: ASTM and Fineness

Thanks Mr. Ted, Please open clearly the thesis of "Air entrainment is necessary for concrete and mortar exposed to ...

ASTM and Fineness

Dear Experts! - Please explain to me why ASTM standard is stipulate about air content in cement mortar and in concr...