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Re: MgO Reduction

Main factor to consider is IR.And strengths also will effect.4-5 % of limestone can be added by taking these into acc...

Re: kiln refractory lining

You can not line the whole kiln in one shot.Even the key bricks will not come at one place.And with such number of ja...

Re: Process Buildup

Sulphur forms hard coating.To remiove this will be harder than chlorine coating.

Re: bull nose cooling fans

Yes.You can follow FLS recommendattions.Now a days many plants are doing like they recommend to cool Bullnose

Re: Bag filter outlet NOx and SOx

Mr.Clarke, Thanks for ur reply.I got the calculation from our suppliers..FLS

Bag filter outlet NOx and SOx

Can we calculate NOx and SOx of Bagfilter outlet.If we have PH outlet NOx 600 ppm and we do not have any monitoring s...

Refractory consumption

What is the best/Ideal specific refractory consumption?

Re: Abrasive resistant material

Starting 1 mtr we use hydraulic castable after that the naked plate itself should be able  to with stand.And also th...

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

Piece weight also can be used for the wear rate of balls.And as make up charge in general 90 mm and 30 mm used.

Re: Hurrivanes

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