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Re: Kiln shell cooling

Hello Michael    I want to know,  it is necessary that the outlet duct (size) dia of the kiln shell cooling fan sh...

Re: Raw meal to clinker ratio

after adding the coal absorption factor what would be the final formula 

Mortar and castble

hello every one    what is basic difference in Mortar and castable can we use castable with sodium silicate for ...

Re: Loacation of driving unit of Ball Mills

may be at feed end load is higher than the discharge because of crushing in first chamber  

castable strength

Heloo every one   What is the suitable strenght of castable to be used for burner gun and Nose ring..   which ty...

cement strength standard

helo every body can any one tell me about the above subject 

Re: clinker ball formation in pre burning zone of the rotary kiln

if it is affecting on your production means due to to blockage, so use the man power at the approachable points, if i...

Re: Conversion C2S to C3S

Hello Every one Mr ILA you mentioned that gypsum promotes the formation of C3S , but i also listen that gypsum used...

Re: Flux

hello dear  bauxite and iron ore two different compositions........if you want to reduce the consumption of bauxite...

Re: clinker ball formation in pre burning zone of the rotary kiln

Hello Gopal  You mentioned that coating comming from the inlet side...{But Your subject is different}  so must che...