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Re: How to calculate the % Fuel Consumption

coal consumtion t/hr = 730 / 5800 * clinker production (t/hr)

Re: How to calculate the % Fuel Consumption

pls write your fuel(coal , HFO ) calorific value and what is your design  Kcal/kg of clinker?... 

Re: measurement of clinker temterature

hello every one ,we are using pyrometer , located  4 to 5 meter distance from the pan conveyor............

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

hello every one ..   Mr kotyal pls send me this calculator ..   thanx ..............azhar.ncc@gmail.com

Re: Raw Meal Homoginity

hello every one ... first you check your air slide at top of silo ..may some of them chocked ....  and then check ...

cement strength

Hello every one.  why we mention only 3days , 7days and 28 days strength of cement....   which one is most import...

Re: Liners for gypsum and pozzolan hoppers

you can also use blasters at different  positions..  and another option is usage of Heaters.........  we are using ...

Re: Kiln Shell is Wet

Hello every One .. Mr Ted..  this Feric chloride can have any effect on the shell?   

Re: Primary air momentum

Rate of heat transfer for the making of liquid phase in less, thats why you are facing this problem ......

Re: Problem with cooling fan of IKN grate cooler

first you have to check the rpm of all fan motor via speedometer ..you said that all fans flow become low ....so you...