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re whatsapp group cement

Please add to me  00966556639746

re PH spray system

Thank you Sir for comment  We installed this system at last stage of cyclone  specially at the body of twin cyc...

PH spray system

Dear:Eperts Could you please provide me some information through your practical experience in the water spray s...

re kiln upset

Dear:experts the actual problem is  as follows: 1-kiln run with more than design feed 2-the oil ...

kiln upset

dear:all How to reduce (co )content in kiln inlet?

dryer design

Dear : All please can anyone send to me some information for dryer design for clay and heat mass balances?

bricks fall down

Dear all Can anyone give the explanation for why pre calciner bricks fall down when kiln stopped? Aware of ...

lime stone hoper blockage

Deal alL can any one give me the  explaination  for why  lime stone hoper blockage by big size stone and what t...

re duda cement book

pls send ur id elwathigbakhiet@yahoo.com

re kiln bypass calculations in cement plant

pls send ur id elwathigbakhiet@yahoo.com