cement lover
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TimePosted 19/08/2008 11:23:50

Clinker dust on burner pipe

1. Can anyone tell me what is the reason of the clinker dust accumulation on the burner pipe? and Is it normal phenomena?

2. Accumulated clinker dust on the burner pipe is being removed in each shift by long rod through the hood inspection door. my Question is do you think opening the hood door 3 times a day has a harmful  effect on the burner pipe and hood castable and on kiln nose ring brincks?

We are firing the kiln by natural gas, this phenomena happens when kiln is stable (not dust).

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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 19/08/2008 18:51:52

Re: Clinker dust on burner pipe

  1. Yes, the formation of a “rhino horn” on the burner pipe is a common occurrence. The dust contains liquid phases and this can cause accretions on the burner pipe in much the same way as a snowman in the cooler.

  2. I doubt that opening the hood inspection door adversely affects the burner or nose ring refractory. There are potential safety concerns. 

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