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TimePosted 20/08/2008 08:26:13

Addition of Bypass dust to cement mill

Hey to all;

We have bypass system in our kiln, this system collects 2 to 3 t/h of the bypass dust which mean arounf 50 tons/day. Few months ago we start adding this dust to our cement mills (5 cement mills) directly to the mills inlet with feed rate 0.5 t/h to each mill. We are keeping the analysis of cement under our control. The chemical compostion of the cement and the strength of the cement is normal and our managers accepted the cement results. My question is Do you agree with me that adding bypass dust to the cement will be harmful to the concrete in the future althogh the cement result is in standart? We are controlling the addtion of bypass dust to the cement by keeping the chloride in the cement less than 0.04%. Is it enough?   


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 21/08/2008 14:04:24

Re: Addition of Bypass dust to cement mill

Yes, it’s enough. Many cement companies add bypass dust to their cement mills.