cement lover
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TimePosted 23/10/2008 12:32:30

Kiln cooling


Can anyone tell me what is the correct or proper way in cooling and heating the kiln?

1- What is the procedure should be followed for cooling the kiln? Is it by keeping the ID fan running with low speed or by stopping the ID fan to avoid thermal shock? 

2- After how many hours we can open the kiln hood door?

3- How many hours should we heat the kiln after 1 day and 1 month stoppage?

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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 27/10/2008 08:25:32

Re: Kiln cooling

The heating and cooling rate of the kiln need to be adjusted and controlled dependent on the refractiory work that has preceded the heating and the reason for cooling the kiln down. If major amounts of castable refractory have been installed then the heating rate will have to be carefully controlled according to the instructions of the castable refarctory material supplier. A rule of thumb would be that the temperature rise in the burning zone should be controlled to 25-30 degrees C per hour from 100 to 900 degrees C. Above 900 degrees C the heating rate can increase to 50 degrees C per hour.

When cooling down the cooling rate in the burning zone should not exceed 50 degrees C per hour until a dull, red heat. This will be achieved by conduction through the lining and convection from the shell alone. A light draft should only be applied after this dull red heat has been achieved.