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TimePosted 21/01/2009 08:30:47
fatih says

oxy-firing combustion


I am very interested about oxy-firing combustion and oxygen enriched membrane technology and other method separating gases.

Anyone who had experience or have information with that?

Thank you


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 22/01/2009 08:12:57

Re: oxy-firing combustion

Oxygen enrichment is certainly interesting and has been applied successfully in the USA on a number of cement plants. But the oxygen is expensive so there is only a payback if cement sales demand and prices are very good.

For a cement plant oxygen separation plant vacuum pressure swing absorption (VPSA) is probably best. Cryogenic is for bigger volumes, which would certainly be required for oxy-combustion. There are no applications of oxy-combustion of cement kilns as yet. There is interest as one of the potential technologies for carbon capture from cement kilns, but as yet no-one has attempted that.


Raj Sahu
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TimePosted 22/01/2009 10:07:53
Raj Sahu says

Re: oxy-firing combustion

Dear Mr.Clark,

 Could you please more clarify the difference between Oxygen enrichment technique and Oxy-combustion tenhnique of cement kilns?As far as I know VPSA technique is more economical onsite oxygen generation technology then Cryogenic technique.I would also like to know for how much tpd of oxygen requirement VPSA tecnology is suitable?

With kind regards,




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TimePosted 22/01/2009 10:48:47
fatih says

Re: oxy-firing combustion

We would like to perform oxygen enriched air utilization in the kiln. Because there is reducing condition in the kiln.

So, could you plz tell me how i can find more information about it.

I would like to have some idea about building cost of oxygen enrichment system and oxygen utilized.

 I have seen some articles, they are mostly about oxygen enriched membrane technolgy is lowest cost one as latest technology.

I need help to pick datas.

Some plant datas:

secondary air: max.0,75 Nm³/kg ck  (desired value: 0,85 Nm³/ kg ck to eliminate reducing condition in the kiln)

So, it is not sufficient.

Is it true that we need (0,85*21/0,75 = 23,8) 0,85 Nm³/kg ck of air including 23,8% O2 ?

Thank you all.