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TimePosted 29/07/2009 09:09:16
SRP says

Regarding Slag Grinding

Dear Sir,

i would like to know information about slag grinding like,

1. what should be the  desired proportions of the slag and OPC for the certain grade of cement.

2. why slag is harder to grind and Clinker is soft.

3. at what grindability  of ( slag & clinker) should intergrinding be done.

what are the pros and cons of Separate and intergrinding for slag and clinker.

Looking for your comments please.






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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 29/07/2009 10:19:29

Re: Regarding Slag Grinding

The best would be to take part in the CemNet Training Grinding and Milling course. The desired proportions of slag and OPC depend on the grade of cement being produced and its proposed application rather than the other way around. Slag is harder to grind than clinker because it is. It is inherent in its composition and having been quench cooled.The pros of intergrinding are that only 1 mil and silo is required. With separate grinding you need an extra mill and storage, but you can rind the individual components to their required fineness.