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re Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

Please send me on my mail id as not able to download the file. Thnaks, Best Rega...

re Pet-coke mill capacity

Hi,  There are several factors of reduced Mill output for Petcoke grinding. 1.What is the Mill size please c...

re Insertion length of Thermocouples in Cyclone / Feed pipe of Pre heater

Normally Insertion length for thermocouples in Cyclones are in the range of 700- 1200 mm, we have selected sometim...

re Cement fineness

Either reduce the separator speed or reduce the separator fan speed. which separator is installed dynamic or stati...

re SOx levels In Raw mill

Thank you for your reply.   Regards, SRP

SOx levels In Raw mill

Dear Sirs,  I need one advise regarding SOx emissions in cement industry.  Is it possible to reduce SOx by i...

re Re: Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

Not able to download the file. please send on my mail id. Thanks. SRP

Specific Heat Consumption

Dear Experts, Request your opinion on following  1. Primary air fan requirement for Petcoke and Coal in % wi...

re VRM vs Ball Mill for Cement Grinding

Specific power  consumption- high for ball mill  and Low for VRM Maintenance costs- high for VRM and low for ...

re leakage measurement

Dear Sir,  To find out the false air across the mill, we need to carry gas analysis,i.e. Oxygen analysis at Mil...