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TimePosted 13/07/2016 06:15:15
bazarah says

VRM vs Ball Mill for Cement Grinding

Good Days!


Anybody in this forum who have had some practical/extensive
experience on Vertical Roller Mill being used for cement grinding? We are
planning to put up a new cement grinding plant using Vertical Roller
Mill(300-350 – TPH) and before implementing the project, we would like to
gather as much  information regarding the actual operation of this mill
during cement grinding and the quality of the product in terms of the
fineness/particle size distribution and how does it compare with the product of
a ball mill relative to these parameters.

Other parameters(VRM vs. Ball Mill) to be considered are the

  • Specific power  consumption
  • Maintenance costs
  • Process control/process technology
  • Plant/system auxiliaries
  • Reliability & Product quality

It will be highly appreciated if we will receive immediate
feedbacks from the knowledgeable members of this forum regarding this topic as
this will help us to move forward with the implementation of this project.

my e-mail:

Best regards,

Abdullah Bazarah


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TimePosted 29/09/2016 09:03:37
SRP says

re VRM vs Ball Mill for Cement Grinding

  • Specific power  consumption- high for ball mill  and Low for VRM
  • Maintenance costs- high for VRM and low for Ball mill
  • Process control/process technology- ball is operation friendlt and simple in operation but VRM requires some PID or control technology. 
  • Plant/system auxiliaries- less auxillaries in ball mill and hydraulic circuit to be maintained for VRM .
  • Reliability & Product quality- good partcicle size distribution in ball mill as we can play wtth Grinding media filling. VRM has less flexibility in controlling particle size distribution.

Overall  ball miil is good option for Cement mill but only has limitations for higher capacity, as two ball mill to be installed for One VRM, but in case of breakdown one ball mill can be in operation.

Trust this clear your clarifications on equipment selection for cment production.





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TimePosted 02/10/2016 13:17:25
fjalali says

re VRM vs Ball Mill for Cement Grinding

Dear Abdullah,

Please see the peresentation from Chiristian Pfieffer, comparing ball mill and VRM for cement milling.

Let me konw if you need additional information.