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TimePosted 06/08/2009 05:29:45
Saprina says

Kiln Heating Time

Hey friends;

If anyone has experience in this field can he tell what is the heating time of kiln after:

1- Stoppage < 24 hours?

2- Stoppage for 1 week?

3- Stoppage for 1 month?

(stoppage of refractory lining work)

In our company we never agree in the time of kiln heating after each soppage, if i said 8 hours other say no 12 hours and third say no 18 hours and etc.  Is there any role or formula for the heating time? 

Best Regard



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AN - Kuwait
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TimePosted 06/08/2009 11:13:13

Re: Kiln Heating Time

Check the bottom cyclone temperature.And then for a 24 hrs stoppage you may require less time like 6-8 hrs as per the procedures.

While heating up the kiln as per FLS Procedure we heat the kiln at the rate of 30 deg.per hour.And take the feed at above 700 Deg.of bottom stage cyclone (Depending on the kiln zone temp.).

In any kind of stoppages can be dealt like this. 

Please anybody can correct me if I am mistaken


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TimePosted 06/08/2009 15:01:25
hongminh says

Re: Kiln Heating Time

Depending on type of the refractory you have been lining for the kiln and the caution of manufacturer you must procedure to heating fast or slow and it also depending on the time stoppage, temp at the bottom cyclones, temp at the kiln inlet then you have to calculate the time to heating up again after a prior for stoppage.