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TimePosted 18/09/2009 07:34:16
xxxx says

coal bag filter dp

after checking &  doing everything with respet to reduction of DP of my coal mill filter i am unable to reduce the DP.

with new bags it runs for 20-25 days only & than Dp touches 150mmwg & coal mill production reduces.

I have 6ksc dry air pressure, high purging frequency,no jamming,no pipes loose or worn out,periodic drain of moisture, low air to cloth ratioo (~ 1).

Before bag filter i have a collecting cyclone.


to increase air amount in the system i have shortened the dip tube by 300mm . now the dip tube is just 80-90mm below the inlet entry height.

when we replace some bags by new one we get a relief on temporary basis but agter some days the position is same.

please suggest.

Coal residue is 4 to 6 % on 72 mesh

we sre grinding petrocoke + indian coal (80+20% mix.)

we have close circuit ball mill of  FLS  

 please do suggest.





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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 01/10/2009 15:41:32

Re: coal bag filter dp

It is very difficult to suggest a remedy for this problem. It might be connected with intergrinding the petcoke and coal. In that situation I would expect the coal to be significantly overgorund.


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TimePosted 01/10/2009 18:09:03
Vikpro says

Re: coal bag filter dp

Mr. Rajesh,
I feel that your BF DP problem may be due to high raw coal moisture. once you try with some dry coal. inform us about peak summer operation condition also.


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TimePosted 02/10/2009 04:44:00
hongminh says

Re: coal bag filter dp

i agreed with opinions of Mr Vikpro and i have a advise for you that following:

- checking the water content in air compressor.

- change the new mesh size of 88 or 90 and reduce coal residue of 4 to 6% if possible.

- checking coal moisture feeded to the mill.

- checking and make a new setting  for air pulse to rapping coal dust on the surface of sleeves.

- air pressure enough?


best regard.