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TimePosted 14/11/2011 10:20:11
Silastman says

Re: Lime-treated Gypsum

Dear colleagues !

I'm publish all results of my research in one book (in russian languige).,-????????-?-??????????-?????????????-??????????



The results of research on the influence of compaction at high pressures on the structure formation and properties of phosphogypsum and its development through the air and hydraulic binders. It is shown that under pressure in phosphogypsum is changing its structure from the recombination of atomic bonds. Results of reception low-temperature solid-phase synthesis of Portland cement & sulphoalit cement  and possible technological schemes of realization of a manufacture are presented.

Sulphoalit has chemical formula 2(C3S)CaSO4. It's mix of alit C3S and sulpho silicate of calcium 2(C2S)CaSO4.

With The best Regards.

Silastman (Michael A. Miheenkov)




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