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TimePosted 07/01/2015 20:06:27
GLT says

water separation from cement mortar

Dear Sir,

 I am intrested in water separation proces from cement mortar. As general, we are making prizmes for phiz-mechanical test, after that vibration and after 15 minutes from surfase of prizmes we can see water separation process , there is the line of limpid, pure water. it happans in case of  Cem  I without any additives and Cem  I with Grinding Aid. at fist I considered that, the reason might be grinding aid, but we notisted it, in cement without G.A as well, but in this case less water separation  compare with cement with G.A. It was not never befor,  could you please, if you have some experiens, what might be a reason, and if it comes from clinker, your oppinion

Thank you in advance

best regars



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