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TimePosted 25/01/2016 17:57:51
shastrib says

high blaine - high residue

Good day,

i am currently experiencing short setting time on OPC cement with a blaine of 4000 cm2/g but the residue on a 45 micron sieve is 30%. The ball mill is open circuit. Charge was added but still getting high residue. Can anyone explain to be why the blaine is high and residue also high? what can i do to decrease the blaine.



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TimePosted 27/01/2016 03:53:49
SRP says

re high blaine - high residue

Dear Sir, 

Regarding your query of high residue levels at higher blaine, you can try this by collecting chamber sampling from the mill at every meter from the mill entry to mill outlet and do the analysis for blaine and residue levels. you will find out bliane and residue levels at each meter along the mill length. may be the optimisation of grindig media needs to be done for the location where you are getting these high residues, since being open circuit mill. 

if you want to control residue levels, then we suggest to go for close circuiting of the circuit by installing Separator in the circuit.




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TimePosted 27/02/2016 05:21:08
t0mi says

re high blaine - high residue

Increase air through seperator without change the seperators rpm


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TimePosted 29/02/2016 16:12:04
gks says

re high blaine - high residue


 Any change in clinker or additive  used  for above grinding  mill.

What factor  you have selected for changing grinding media  before your  grinding media  optimisation / up gradation ,

When you empty out mill for  mill checking.

 Check that grinding  media may not  in same position as per your charging pattern.

With regards