Hanson Cement works has not caused ill health - report

Hanson Cement works has not caused ill health - report
07 December 2011

A 20-month investigation into the possible impact of Hanson’s Padeswood cement works in Wales has concluded it has not caused any health problems.

Concerns raised by people living near plant prompted the study ordered by the Welsh government. A draft final report says there is no evidence the plant has caused health problems for staff or residents.

Hanson Cement said they were pleased with the way the study was progressing.

The latest investigation into the factory said the site can cause noise, dust and odour problems. But it found they were not harmful to the physical health of the local community.

Experts from Public Health Wales, the Health Protection Agency (HPA), and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are hosting a public meeting in nearby Penyffordd to give an update.

Jane Lassey, HSE’s head of operations in Wales, said: "The evidence from HSE’s investigation indicates that the risks from exposure to hazardous substances are generally well-controlled at the site, and current occupational health provision exceeds what the law requires.

"During this investigation, HSE found no evidence of raised levels of cancers among employees at the site in the past 12 years.
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