Pakistan calls for more trains to facilitate exports

Pakistan calls for more trains to facilitate exports
02 November 2011

The All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) has urged the government to press India to allow two train interchanges per day until exports by trucks are allowed. 

A spokesman for APCMA said that presently all cement exports via land are made through train. Trains have limited capacity and the number that move between the two countries is also fixed, he added. He highlighted that train shipments involves double loading and unloading and storage requirement, which further restricts exports. 

Speaking to local press, he noted that the government had proposed India allow Pakistani trucks to carry cement to the Indian side of the border where transhipment should be carried out to Indian trucks, but they rejected this proposal on the grounds of parking limitations on their side.

The facility has now been developed by Indians close to the border which can be used for transhipment area. It should become operational now if the Indians are sincere in free trade, he said.
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