India: Madhya Pradesh wants control on cement units

India: Madhya Pradesh wants control on cement units
21 October 2011

Citing administrative reasons, the state’s labour department has proposed to bring existing and future cement manufacturing units functioning in Madhya Pradesh under the state government’s regulations. At present these units are governed by Central norms, which make state department’s tasks harder, especially during labour unrest cases.

The state labour department officials recently moved this proposal at the 44th session of standing labour committee meeting in New Delhi. A delegation of labour department officers and trade union leaders represented Madhya Pradesh in the meeting.

The state delegation during the meeting proposed that there are large numbers of functioning cement units in the state and several others are expected to come up in near future. However, the Central norms still govern these units, making it difficult for state labour department to tackle law and order situation in cases of labour unrest in these manufacturing units.

"The central labour department units are handful while the state labour department has representation in every district, which could be important part in worker- related problems," said one of the officials from labour commissioner office in Indore.

Almost all the cement manufacturing units functioning in the state are in private sector, so labour unrest is quite common in such establishments, said the officer.
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