New tax could force Cemex UK to ‘move abroad’

New tax could force Cemex UK to ‘move abroad’
07 October 2011

Bosses at Cemex’ Rugby cement plant Cemex claim a new government “green tax” could force them to move their UK operations abroad in the future, local press report.

The firm, which employs 170 staff at its Warwickshire base, believes the planned new taxation on energy usage may prove too costly.

Sustainability director Andy Spencer estimates the green tax, along with additional annual energy bill increases, will cost the firm an extra UK£20m a year.

And now Cemex is calling for the government to make exemptions for firms in the energy industry – or risk companies moving abroad where the taxation levels are lower.
“Our first option is to work with government to ensure that firms in the energy industry, such as ours, have a little bit of protection to stop us going over this tipping point,” said Mr Spencer.

“This is our preferred option as it protects jobs – and not just those employed by Cemex, but also hundreds in the supply chain.

“Another option, which is looking into the long-term, would be moving our UK operations to another European city such as Spain.”
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