Taiwan’s cement makers to raise prices by 15% in October

Taiwan’s cement makers to raise prices by 15% in October
27 September 2011

“With the International Trade Commission (ITC) under Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs having proven preliminarily that dumping of China-sourced Type I and II Portland cement and clinkers has materially hurt the domestic cement industry, Taiwan’s stock-listed cement firms may raise prices by 15% in October,” said the Taiwan Economic News (TEN).

Domestic, listed cement producers, including Asia Cement Corp, Chia Hsin Cement, Hsing Ta Cement, Lucky Cement, Southeast Cement Corp and Universal Cement are expected to raise prices. Taiwan Cement and Asia Cement note that only prices on new orders will be raised while other producers say they will follow only if the market is receptive to higher prices.

A market insider said domestically-produced cement will see price rises of 15% to reach NTD2400/t.

The Ministry of Finance will likely levy anti-dumping taxes on cement from China in the beginning of October, when domestic producers will immediately raise prices to enhance gross profit margins, reported TEN.
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