Dominican Republic cement makers again slam Jamaica import

Dominican Republic cement makers again slam Jamaica import
07 July 2011

Dominican Republic’s cement makers associated in Adocem denounced Jamaican cement being sold without undergoing the required tests for quality and without the Public Works Ministry (PWM) permit, as RTD norms strictly stipulates for cement import and production.

It cited the attempt to irregularly import and sell Type 1 cement from Jamaica a few months ago, which spurred a Consumer Rights Institute (ProConsumidor) resolution banning it until it complied with the RTD, a measure Adocem affirms benefitted consumers.

The local cement makers said that it wasn’t until 7 June, when the importer company, realising it was forced to abide by the regulation, obtained a non-objection certificate from the PWM, although part of the shipment had already been sold long before it was issued.

“We now face a new irregular import by the same company, but more aggravating because in an attitude of mockery, disrespect and complicity they venture to ignore all legal provisions, this time availing themselves of the non-objection issued for the previous freighter and taking advantage of ProConsumidor’s good faith, which in the past authorised them to transfer the product to a fiscal warehouse or to its property until one of the tests were concluded,” Adocem said in a statement.

“Faced with this fact, Adocem warns citizens that the Carib brand cement being marketed irregularly in the Dominican market, has neither the quality certificate that Digenor (norms and quality system agency) must issue, nor the non-objection from the PWM, which are needed for its use in the country,” the cement makers said.
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