Lehigh presents progress update, USA

Lehigh presents progress update, USA
07 April 2011

Two representatives from USA-based cement producer, Lehigh Cement Co gave a presentation to New Windsor officials and the public on the progress at the New Windsor quarry and the Union Bridge plant Maryland, at a Town Council meeting Wednesday night.

Lehigh in Union Bridge updated the council and town residents on the status of Seibel Fields, reducing emissions and the status of using a rail spur or a conveyor belt system to transport limestone from New Windsor to Union Bridge, said Kent Martin, plant manager of Lehigh.

The state approved a contract between New Windsor and Lehigh earlier this week regarding the purchase of Seibel Fields, Martin said. The county’s requirements have also been satisfied and Lehigh hopes to make a settlement with New Windsor in the first quarter of 2012, Martin said. Seibel Fields, a 6.7-acre plot with ball fields, was the last piece Lehigh needed for the construction of a possible rail spur that would transport limestone and aggregate from the New Windsor quarry to the Union Bridge plant.

Negotiations for the sale of Seibel Fields started in the early 1990s and New Windsor officials signed a contract for the deal at Town Council meeting in May 2010, Martin said.

The company is exploring the rail spur and conveyor belt system options and will have a detailed side-by-side comparison on each by 2012, Martin said. Lehigh will make a decision on which to use based on economics and the impact to the community and the environment, Martin said.

Lehigh Cement is making progress on reducing emissions at the Union Bridge plant and have reduced mercury emissions by 30 per cent, Martin said. The company is working on a new project and hopes to reduce emissions by 10 to 20 per cent, he said.
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