GCNet rejects link to substandard cement, Ghana

GCNet rejects link to substandard cement, Ghana
23 February 2011

Managers of the electronic clearance platform at the Tema port in Ghana, GCNet have rejected suggestions that they may have allowed the importation of substandard cement into the country. 

The rebuttal follows comments by the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Standards Board last Friday, about how the Global Premium cement brand found to be sub-standard, made its way onto the market. 

According to Kofi Amponsah Bediako the GSB would investigate whether GCNet may have permitted its importation.

But the Tradenet Manager at GCNet, Jonathan Ofori says the Standards Board PRO got his facts completely wrong.

 He said GCNet does not get involved in the importation or determination of the quality of goods imported into the country.

“We simply provide the platform which the importer will use to request [an application] for the clearance of their consignment. This application will go to the Ghana Standards Board, they will review it and give [provisional] approval because the goods would not have arrived and then based on this provisional approval – if the goods are safe and suitable for use then they come onto the market and if not then Standards Board and Customs do not allow the goods to come onto the market,” he explained.
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