Kunda Nordic to build new terminals, Estonia

Kunda Nordic to build new terminals, Estonia
20 February 2011

Kunda Nordic Tsement intends to build two-four new terminals in the Kunda port it owns for round timber and other materials.

Engineering company Sweco Projekt announced that it would compile a development plan of the Southern part of the port.

AS Kunda Nordic Tsement board chairman Meelis Einstein said that the plan is to complete the development plans during 2011 and start construction work in 2012. Since it is a big area, the complex would be built in three stages.

“Thanks to the port, several large investments have been made in Kunda. For example the second-largest foreign investment of all times in Estonia, AS Estonian Cell,” said Mayor of Kunda Allar Aron, adding that since the economy is now getting into a growth stage, new investors are looking for a place to invest in Estonia and Kunda is a very good place for that.
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