Cement Industry to drive coal demand in Vietnam

Cement Industry to drive coal demand in Vietnam
27 December 2010

Coal demand in the Vietnamese cement industry is expected to grow significantly during 2010-2014, say local experts. According to new a research report “Vietnam Mining Sector Analysis”, coal demand in cement industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 13% during 2010-2014.

The country is also looking for prospect export markets for its excess cement production. In coming years, the cement production capacity will continue to increase due to construction of various of new plants along with capacity expansion plans of existing players.

Domestic coal production has, until now, been surpassing local demand and Vietnam has been exporting significant amounts of coal. However, limited coal reserves will create a wide gap in demand-supply mechanism in the near future. In fact, Vietnamese regulators have already indicated the need for coal imports, which are expected to start from 2012.

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